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Did you know...

The Great Trail

The Great Trail was an ancient Native American path going what is today Pittsburgh to Detroit and beyond. It was a tough trail to use, but Native Americans used this often. Cutting west from Beaver Creek, south of Dungannon, and along the ridges of northern Carroll County, most of the route would still have lots of trees and would be difficult for this reason. The Great Trail roughly parallels  183 across Brown Township from Minerva through Malvern. One historical marker for The Great Trail sits near Linden Rd. and 183 west of Minerva. Another historical marker for The Great Trail can be found in Malvern Park. Today, a bit of the remains of The Great Trail in Minerva is now a golf course.

The Lost French Gold

The legend of the Lost French Gold comes from local history describing French soldiers burying gold in the Minerva area during a battle on the way to delivering the gold to Fort Detroit. The French Gold seemed to be lost until 1829, when a nephew of one soldiers used the memorandums to retrieve the gold.

Grinders Above and Beyond

The Grinders Above and Beyond in Minerva is the original Grinders of the local chain with numerous locations. The first Grinders was opened in Minerva in 1976. Grinder’s is a hometown favorite with delicious food.

Minerva Dairy

Minerva Dairy Inc. of Minerva, OH was founded in 1894 when first generation Max P. Radloff established Radloff Cheese in Hustisford, WI. During the early 1900s, Max built multiple cheese making locations, culminating with Minerva Dairy, which began producing bottled milk, ice cream, butter, cheese, and more dairy products in 1935. You can buy their products today at local food stores including Kishman’s Fresh Market IGA. This is the oldest family owned dairy in the U.S.

Hart Mansion

The Hart Mansion is a fine dining restaurant in Minerva, Ohio. Family owned and operated since 2008. The mansion was built in 1869 by the George Yuengling family and became the residence of the Hart family in 1900. The Hart family lived in this mansion before the home was bought in 2003.

The Roxy Theatre

 The Dreamland Theatre was built in 1916 at the site of the Roxy. It was bought by Hazel Bruce and Douglas Brown of Ravenna in 1939. When the W. W. Hoopes Drugstore next door was built, the theater was enlarged by 50 feet in width, and the name was altered to the Roxy. The theater was purchased by the Minerva Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and it’s restoration began entirely with donated funds. Today the Roxy is a theater and has community activities and has served as a church. The Roxy Theater is located in the downtown area of Minerva, OH. Samuel L. Rothenfels nickname was “Roxy" and a lot of theaters were named after him. Roxy was a Movie Director.

Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway enters Ohio from the east on U.S. 30, coming into East Liverpool. The Lincoln Highway is linked to Minerva because it passes directly through the town. Much of U.S. 30 has been rebuilt as a 4-lane divided highway, but most of the original Lincoln Highway route still exists and has been well marked by the Mid-Ohio Chapter of HDI and the Ohio Lincoln Highway League. The builder named it this because Abraham Lincoln was one of Fishers idols.

Minerva Monster

The Minerva Monster is local folklore.The Minerva Monster has had a movie called “The Legend of the Minerva Monster”. A story about the Minerva Monster says that it weighs 300 pounds and is a 6 foot tall hairy beast. The Minerva Monster was seen first near Route 30 and has been seen around the Minerva area.

Minerva & the Railroad

W&LE (Wheeling and Lake Erie) Station was built in 1917, the CC&S (college and career (later W&LE) had a frame station located about 100 yards to the east of where the existing station is at the corner of Market Street and Lincoln (now McKinley). At the time, Market Street ended at the Depot, but was extended after the Depot was demolished. 

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